Proper Execution of Testamentary Devices During COVID-19 Crisis

Posted On: March 31, 2020

Amy Farrar participated in the Tennessee Bar Association’s (“TBA”) conference on proper execution of Testamentary Devices during the COVID-19 crisis. Following the call, which included Estate Planning attorneys from across the State,  the TBA organized a Remote Notary/Witness Task Force to discuss how attorneys can help their clients with wills and other legal documents that require witnesses or notarization, while also trying to protect the safety of their clients and themselves during the global pandemic. The Task Force is considering different options, including looking at actions other states have taken on this topic. Tennessee has a remote online notary statute, but because a will must be executed in the presence of two or more witnesses who must be physically present when the will is executed, the remote online notary statute doesn’t apply to wills. 

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