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Appellate Advocacy

appellate-advocacy-1bThere are very few attorneys in Tennessee who specialize in representing clients on Appeal.  The lawyers of Farrar | Wright, PLLC are widely known as leaders in this field.

We represent individuals and businesses in civil, criminal and domestic appeals before the Tennessee Court of Appeals, the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals, the Tennessee Supreme Court, and the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Appellate Advocacy involves specialized skills that take years of practice to hone into a craft.  There is arguably no one in the State of Tennessee with more experience and involvement with Tennessee Appeals than Amy Farrar.

Farrar clerked for the Tennessee Supreme Court, writes appellate advocacy articles for local and State bar associations, presents continuing legal education seminars to other attorneys on the appellate process, has served as Chair or Co-Chair of the Nashville Bar Association’s Appellate Practice Committee since 2007, has served as the Chair of the Tennessee Bar Association’s Appellate Practice Committee, and has represented dozens of clients before Tennessee’s highest Courts, including several landmark Tennessee Supreme Court decisions.  She is also the Assistant Editor of the Appellate Practice Handbook, a detailed guide, published by the Nashville Bar Association, for attorneys needing assistance navigating the appellate courts in Tennessee.

If you have a case you feel is worth pursuing or defending on appeal, contact Amy Farrar, an attorney with a proven track record before Tennessee’s appellate courts.

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