Wright to Speak on Livestock Laws

Posted On: October 15, 2018

Sonya Smith Wright will join with Dr. Beaty with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Lou Nave with FACCT, and Kelly Tomlinson to present at the Annual Fall Conference of the Tennessee District Attorneys General regarding Livestock Welfare on October 25, 2018 in Memphis.

There were 655 livestock welfare complaints last year averaging between 12-14 complaints per week. Approximately 50-60 complaints were handled by local law enforcement; an additional 68 cases were determined to have probable cause and approximately 22-25 were prosecuted. Because of the small number of prosecutions, many jurisdictions have not seen this type of case and may not be aware of the valuable resources available. This presentation focuses on the Animal Welfare Laws relating to livestock and highlights the resources available. Three fundamental areas to be addressed:

1- Laws regarding livestock welfare

2- Complaint and probable cause analysis

3- Resources available

To learn more about the conference click here.

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